Meezan Bank Islamic Online Branches Al-Mezan Investment Bank Limited

(Meezan Islamic Bank Online Branches Al-Mezan Investment Bank Limited) Meezan Bank Limited, an openly programmed corporation, is the primary and biggest Islamic Bank in Pakistan and one of the best ever rising banks in the history of the banking division of the Country. Encompassing the leading branch network and product series, Meezan Bank Ltd stands the serious accountability of leading the technique ahead in founding a steady and active Islamic banking system stuffed with lively and avant-garde products and services for customers. Meezan Bank intends to accomplish its major goal of giving clientele ease of understanding along with expediency, contained by an impression and background of enthusiastic service and acknowledgment of their requirements.natutal viagra has no side effect of viagra Al-Meezan Investment Bank Ltd has also expanded an unusual investigate and growth competence by merging investment bankers, commercial bankers, Shari’ah researchers and legal professionals to develop pioneering, practicable, and competitive worth plans that not only convene the necessities of today’s multifaceted financial globe, other than accomplish so with top-notch service excellence which all customers insist; all inside the limits of Shari’ah. (Meezan Islamic Bank Online Branches Al-Mezan Investment Bank Limited)

Atlas Investment Bank Ltd Online Branch Karachi Lahore Islamabad

(Atlas Investment Bank Ltd Online Branches Karachi Lahore Islamabad) Commencing January 01, 2011, Atlas Investment Bank Ltd and Summit Bank Ltd which was formerly known as Arif Habib Bank Ltd have on the record combined and currently working as a solitary bank under the name of Summit Bank. Before this, Atlas Investment Bank Ltd mission is to accomplish headship in Investment Banking by successfully satisfying the requirements of every customers all the way through a well-organized use of human resources, and proprietor’s assets in the marketplace. Moreover make the most of return to the shareholders with due contemplation to social accountability. Atlas Investment Bank Limited when alone offered investment finance services as well as leasing services in Pakistan.cialis The bank provided a wide choice of services, together with equity and money market brokerage, advisory services, leasing, credit facilities, and registered deposit certificates and much more which suites to customer’s budget and plans. The bank recommended its products and services to equally individual as well as corporate clients for businesses. Atlas Investment Bank was included in 1990 and is headquartered in Karachi, Pakistan. But from January 1, 2011, the bank is merged with Summit Bank Limited and now operating as a single bank. (Atlas Investment Bank Ltd Online Branch Karachi Lahore Islamabad)


Imate Mobile Phones i-mate Mobiles Prices Pakistan Karachi Lahore

(Imate Mobile Phones i-mate Mobiles Prices Pakistan Karachi Lahore) The Imate mobile phones present superior package of business features at suitable prices, even though if you wish for first-rate performance, look elsewhere. Imate phones are well-liked as Windows Mobile-powered devices. The corporation was started on by Jim Morrison, who was former with O2 that intended the first O2 XDA Pocket PC phone. He set up i-mate by means of his squad in Glasgow, Scotland, which was later on moved to Dubai, and is at the present set in many countries. In view of the fact that its inception and by the end of the year 2006, it has put on the market a lot of well-known versions of PPC phones and smart mobile phones, which were prepared by HTC, a Taiwanese mobile device giant. The convincing mobile features and the advance applications presented by its devices have made i-mate flourishing in accomplishing the market foremost rank in numerous parts of the globe. Some imate phones are as follows: i-mate 810-F, i-mate Ultimate 9502, i-mate Ultimate 6150, i-mate SP4m and many more. You can find huge range of i-mate mobile phones at different prices through internet on diverse of online stores and websites. (Imate Mobile Phones i-mate Mobiles Prices Pakistan Karachi Lahore)

Askari Bank Online Branch Karachi Lahore Commercial

(Askari Bank Online Branches Karachi Lahore Commercial) Askari Commercial Bank Ltd was included in Pakistan on 9th of October, 1991, as a public limited corporation. It began process on April 1, 1992, and is mainly occupied in the banking business, as described in the Banking Companies Ordinance in the year 1962. Askari Commercial Bank Ltd is now programmed on Karachi, Lahore as well as Islamabad Stock Exchanges. From the time when setting up, the bank has determined on development in the course of civilizing service quality, investment in high-end technology and people, making use of its wide-ranging branch network which comprises Islamic and Agricultural banking.


Askari Commercial Bank Ltd believes in Corporate Social Responsibility. With the intention of completing the CSR objectives, the bank tries to encourage and assist public curiosity through heartening community expansion and progress through sponsoring social service proceedings, sustaining education along with sports environment and also make effort in socio-cultural actions. Askari Commercial Bank Limited has aimed to become the most excellent bank in private sector and maintain high-quality service with unique presence and interact with modern technology for enhances worth and to become a primary choice for everyone among all banks of Pakistan. (Askari Bank Online Branches Karachi Lahore Commercial)

Yellow Taxi-cab Plan/Scheme Started in Punjab

Yellow Taxi-cab Plan/Scheme Started in Punjab: Report

The administration of Punjab has recently initiating Yellow Taxicab Scheme for the jobless inhabitants of province. About 20,000 new taxis will be dispersed amongst capable candidates. 40% share has been owed for 11 districts of Southern Punjab. Clearness of this scheme will be guaranteed by local government of Punjab in the course of computerized voting in the company of media. Consistent with particulars, about 2500 taxis will be spread on monthly basis as a result the entire 20,000 taxis will be handed out in a phase of eight months. Punjab Cabinet has officially approved this Yellow Cab Scheme. “Suzuki Mehran VX” and “Suzuki Bolan VX” in green and black colors would be provided to the entitled candidates on uncomplicated payments. Note: Last date of application submission is 30th of July, 2011. Anyone unemployed with eligibility of intermediate between 21 to 35 years along with their legal driving license can apply for this scheme launched by Punjab Government.

Warid & Zong Imposed 1.5 Percent Charges – Last But Not Least

Warid & Zong Imposed 1.5 Percent Charges – Last But Not Least – Most of cellular companies have made known to hike diverse charges – operational, continuance and management charge – on reloads of airtime or recharge of balance effective from July 1, 2011. After Telenor, Ufone and Mobilink – now Zong and Warid have also forced 1.5 percent charges on all reloads for customers. These charges are particularly imposed for prepaid customers. On their websites you’ll see a headline or message that with the intention of additional improvement in service and offers, a maintenance charge or operational charge of about 1.5% will be applied on all reloads from 1st July 2011 with accessible Government taxes. So, finally all cellular corporations have imposed these charges as a maintenance charge or Operational Charge.


Habibsons Bank Limited

Formerly acknowledged as Habibsons Trust and Finance Limited, Habibsons Bank Ltd was founded in 1984 in London, England, through the Habib Group. Its viewpoint is to make available customers with enthusiastic personalized and user-friendly service, joined with secrecy, and the safety of depositor’s finances. Habibsons Bank Ltd steady development and expansion, in addition to its pleased client base, is testimony to the bank’s capability to accomplish this idea. Habibsons Bank Ltd presently presents a speckled choice of products and services, such as current, savings as well as deposit accounts along with loan facility, overdrafts and fund transfers plus correspondent banking, fiduciary deposits as well as investment banking. The bank also brings personalized service, thoroughness, and a level of sensitivity that hardly any other banks may recommend. As a family business, Habibsons decisively consider in the significance of special associations and individual awareness. Habibsons Bank Limited offers clients the relationship and heed of a small group at the same time as also providing you with a globally notorious name, and admission to the worldwide system.

Habib Bank Limited Branches Online Karachi Lahore Islamabad Pakistan

(Habib Bank Limited Branches Online Karachi Lahore Islamabad Pakistan) HABIB BANK LIMITED normally submitted to as HBL Pakistan. HBL was the foremost commercial bank to be recognized in Pakistan in 1947 and head-quartered in Habib Bank Plaza in the city of light “Karachi”, Pakistan. Since its inception, Habib Bank LTD has raised and grown its branch network and turned into the biggest private sector bank by means of more than 1,450 branches all over the country and a client base beyond five (5) million associations. HBL is privatized in 2004 by the Pakistan’s Government. Through an attendance in about 25 countries, subsidiaries in Hong Kong and the UK, partners in Nigeria, Nepal, Kyrgyzstan and Kenya and representative offices in China and Iran, HBL is also the leading home cosmopolitan. The Bank is growing its attendance in major international marketplace such as UK, UAE, and South along with Central Asia, Africa and the faraway East. Major regions of businesses cover product offerings and services in retail and consumer banking. HBL has the biggest commercial Banking case in the country through a dynamic Investment Banking support. SME and Agriculture lending programs/plans and banking services are on hand in built-up and rustic centers in the country. (Habib Bank Limited Branches Online Karachi Lahore Islamabad Pakistan)

Trend Mobiles Price in Pakistan Trends Mobile Phones Rates

(Trend Mobiles Price in Pakistan Trends Mobile Phones Rates) Trend Mobiles are available at numerous mobile dealers and on different websites all over in Pakistan at different prices. Trend Mobile Phones present a diverse range of mobile phones in Pakistan. Trend Mobile is the foremost mobile making corporation in Pakistan. Trend mobiles are dependable, multifunctional and user-friendly for all and sundry. Trend mobiles contain everything just like you want, they manufacture according to the demands of customers. The mobiles prepared with high-tech and advanced technology and come in most recent features and applications. Trend mobiles are also economical mobile phones by means of vast features and they can also hit any international company standard in technology and dependability. There are unlike sorts and styles of most excellent mobile phone accessories of Trend Mobiles obtainable in the marketplace with contemptible prices for mobile phone lovers such as Trend T786i, Trend T786, Trend T103 Melody and many more. (Trend Mobiles Price in Pakistan Trends Mobile Phones Rates)

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